See your nanofiber concept come to life within weeks.

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Developing products at the cutting edge of nanoscience and technology requires the ability to innovate and adjust in a rapidly changing environment.

At SNC we help you develop new nanofiber product concepts, and bring commercial scale to existing concepts that until now have only been possible at lab-scale.

Every year thousands of scientific studies are published and hundreds of new invention patents are filed that demonstrate the incredible potential of nanofiber materials in solving global problems in water and air purification, energy generation and storage, regenerative medicine, structural composites and electronics.

While these new developments bring new hope in many industries, most of them don’t proceed beyond the initial publication or patent, essentially because widespread adoption of any new technology requires the ability to manufacture on commercial scale and compliance with the regulatory requirements of specific industries.

See your nanofiber concept come to life within weeks of initial discussions, without breaking the bank.

Our patented technology, in conjunction with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant development and manufacturing systems allows us to deliver you with a minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype within weeks from initial product brief.

We believe that innovation and good design has the power to change the world. Before SNC it was difficult, if not impossible, for small to medium companies to develop cutting-edge products in the biomedical space without the in-house R&D capabilities and astronomical budgets that large multi-national companies had at their disposal.

The SNC BEST™ patented technology allows even small companies to innovate and disrupt large global top-20 medical device and pharma companies. Our flexible customer engagement model facilitates rapid product development whilst accommodating different IP ownership agreements.

Our professional team of scientists and executives are devoted to building long-term partnerships with our clients.