Blog Intro: Advanced Wound Care with Electrospun Fibers

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Welcome to our blog on advanced wound care with electrospun fibers. We are a team of materials scientists who are passionate about electrospun nanofibers and all the amazing things you can do with them. We have been electrospinning as the Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company (SNC) since 2011, with some of us spinning since 2003, collectively we have more than 70 years of experience; electrospinning and developing all kinds of products and materials using electrospun fibers. Products and materials we have spun include: burn wound dressings and tissue engineering scaffolds (cartilage, bone, skin, dura, retinal pigment epithelium), implantable and drug-eluting devices, disposable antimicrobial water filters, flexible ceramic fibers, thermochromic core-shell nanofibers, transparent single-polymer composites, and continuous yarns from electrospun nanofibers.

In the development of new, effective products for advanced wound care, electrospun fiber materials bring a unique combination of capabilities (compositional flexibility, biomimicking structure, etc.), which empowers the developer to design for specific wound care challenges like infection control, exudate management, or scar reduction. In this blog, we will be sharing inspirations, concepts and case studies demonstrating the benefits of using electrospun fibers in advanced wound care applications. We trust that our readers will find inspiration through what we share here and that it will help them in advancing their careers as wound care product developers (or keep related professionals up to date with the latest developments in this area).

To get the ball (or blog) rolling, we will be publishing a few introductory posts, so keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks. These posts will be covering specific topics like infection control, moisture management, and scar reduction, using electrospun fibers. Once we’ve laid that foundation, we will be sharing case studies, demonstrations, news and reviews throughout the months to come. All our posts will be related to using electrospun fibers in wound care.

Our blog is aimed at wound care professionals who are involved or interested in advanced wound care product development. We understand the importance of balancing functional performance and differentiation with aspects that are equally as important including cost-effectiveness, manufacturability, length of regulatory path, and reimbursement levels. With this balance in mind, we will not only focus on the technical possibilities with electrospun fiber materials, but pay attention to the commercial and regulatory components that determine the feasibility of your business case for a new product.

The purpose of this blog is sharing and learning, so we absolutely welcome and value your comments, suggestions and questions. Please also feel free to share alternate views. If you are involved in advanced wound care product development using electrospun fibers and you would like to make a guest blog contribution, that would be great! Please send comments, questions, suggestions etc. to

Finally, our main goal with this blog is to spread our enthusiasm for using electrospun fibers in advanced wound care product development, to connect and grow the community that’s active in this field, and ultimately to make this blog a useful platform for wound care product developers to learn, engage, and grow.

Thank you for your time!

Dr. Eugene Smit
Dr. Eugene Smit
Eugene Smit (PhD) – CEO, Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company.