Developing revolutionary nanofiber concepts since 2011.

Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company

Specialising in commercial scale manufacture of advanced biomedical nanofiber materials.

SNC unlocks the enormous potential of nanofibers through the innovative development and commercial scale manufacture of advanced nanofiber materials.

We help small to medium sized companies and research groups get to market faster by taking their nanofiber invention from early stage concept, to fully scaled, technically validated, and commercially feasible status.

Our scalable technology platform for mass production of nanofiber materials makes it possible (and commercially feasible) to spin nanofiber materials from many different natural and synthetic, polymers and create multi-layered or blended fiber materials easily and cost-effectively on commercial scale.

Nanofiber applications in the biomedical industry.

Wound dressings
Tissue engineering scaffolds
Drug release materials
Cell culture scaffolds

SNC has successfully worked with clients in the biomedical industry to develop nanofiber based materials and products that:

  • are biomimicking, biocompatible and highly porous;
  • have high specific surface areas;
  • biodegrade over various time frames (from a few days up to several months);
  • can combine highly incompatible carriers and active ingredients;
  • demonstrate cost-effective manufacture of unique multi-functional products;
  • offer unique opportunities to expand and extend your IP portfolio.

Shorten the time to market through seamless transition from lab to commercial scale production.
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Developing products at the forefront of nanotechnology.

ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 compliant development and manufacture of nanofiber materials.

Our Ball ElectroSpinning Technology (SNC BEST™) is a patented high-throughput nanofiber production platform.

Unlike the traditional needle electrospinning process where the number of jets is limited by the number of installed needles, the free-surface spinning nature of SNC BEST™ allows the jets to self-arrange and self-optimize.

SNC BEST™ allows production rates of up to kilograms per hour, depending on polymer-solvent type.

At SNC, we bring together a unique blend of:

  • a devoted team of materials scientists,
  • Theory of Constraints based, agile project management,
  • Highly versatile, highly scalable nanofiber production technology platform with kilograms per hour production rates,
  • ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 compliant development and manufacture.

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